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HiPad II - COB

Energy Efficient

Durable in Outdoor Environments

High Brightness

Thin & Light

DIP Lamp Self-encapsulation

Environmentally Cooled Design


Front & Rear

Mobile Bracket Design

IP65 High Protection Design

Thin & Light

Durable in Outdoor

Independent Switch Cabinet Design

HiPad II - COB

Seamless Splicing

EMC Design

Front Install/Service

HDR Image Quality

Dual Backup Design

Environmentally Cooled Design

As a leading LED display manufacturer, Retop specializes in cutting-edge outdoor LED screens. Retop's innovative technology ensures vibrant, high-resolution flexible led video wall suitable for various outdoor applications. Our video wall panels are designed to withstand diverse weather conditions while delivering outstanding performance. Whether for advertising, events, or public information, Retop LED displays offer unparalleled brightness and clarity. Discover Retop's advanced outdoor LED display solutions, crafted for optimal visual impact and reliability by top outdoor led video wall manufacturer.
As a renowned LED display manufacturer, Retop excels in creating superior indoor LED displays. As a leading LED screen manufacturer, Retop combines advanced technology with innovative design to produce high-quality LED video wall panels. Retop indoor LED displays offer exceptional clarity and vibrant colors, making them ideal for retail environments, corporate settings, and entertainment venues. With 27 years experience in led screen manufacturing, Retop indoor LED displays ensure reliable performance and stunning visuals, enhancing any indoor space. Trust Retop for cutting-edge indoor LED displays that captivate and engage audiences effectively.
Retop, a leading LED display manufacturer, offers top-tier commercial LED displays for diverse applications. As a trusted LED display screen manufacturer, Retop provides high-quality LED video wall panels for commercial use that excel in both indoor and outdoor settings. Our outdoor LED screens are perfect for advertising on billboards and enhancing live events, while their indoor LED displays are ideal for retail stores, corporate conference, and hospitality environments. With advanced technology and innovative design, Retop LED displays deliver stunning visuals and reliable performance, making them the go-to choice for businesses seeking effective and engaging display solutions.
Retop, a premier LED display manufacturer, specializes in sports LED displays that transform venues into dynamic visual arenas. As a leading name among LED video wall manufacturers, Retop provides video wall panels and flexible LED panel video screens tailored for sports environments. These displays are perfect for scoreboards, live action replays, and real-time statistics, enhancing the spectator experience. Whether for stadiums, arenas, or sports complexes, Retop LED displays deliver vibrant visuals and reliable performance. Their flexible design allows for seamless integration into any venue, making Retop the top choice for sports LED display solutions.
Retop, an experienced and innovative LED display manufacturer, excels in creating unique and captivating LED displays. As a renowned LED wall manufacturer, Retop offers flexible LED video walls and flexible LED panel video screens, ideal for creative applications. Our solutions include curved LED screens for shopping malls, providing immersive visual experiences that attract and engage shoppers. Retop LED displays are perfect for dynamic retail installations, architectural enhancements, and artistic displays, delivering vibrant colors and high-resolution images. With advanced technology and custom design options, Retop LED displays transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary visual landscapes, making them a top choice for creative LED display solutions.
Global Application Cases
Yeltsin Museum, Russia

Yeltsin Museum, Russia

· Pixel Pitch: P50

· Display Size:2400m2

Miami Racecourse

Miami Racecourse

· Pixel Pitch: P16

· Display Size:400m2

Liangzi Lake Ecological Civilization Museum

Liangzi Lake Ecological Civilization Museum

· Pixel Pitch: P1.8

· Display Size: 1000㎡

Shenzhen Hua World

Shenzhen Hua World

· Pixel Pitch: P2.5

· Display Size: 40㎡

Shenzhen International Trade Building

Shenzhen International Trade Building

· Pixel Pitch: P1.5

· Display Size: 15㎡

2010 World Expo Opening Ceremony

Largest LED display in the world

· Pixel Pitch: P150

· Display Size: 9500㎡

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

· Pixel Pitch: P25 / P50

· Display Size: 1000+㎡

Retop LED Display Co., LTD. was founded in 1997.
Retop, with 27 years of experience as a leading LED display manufacturer stands out in the industry. As a trusted LED wall manufacturer and LED display screen manufacturer, Retop offers extensive product customization and diversification, including flexible LED panel video screens. Our expert development team, with decades of experience, ensures innovative solutions and top-quality products. Comprehensive pre-sale, sales, and after-sales services, and rigorous testing protocols for reliability and durability support Retop's commitment to excellence. Choose Retop LED displays for unparalleled quality and service in both indoor and outdoor applications.

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