Retop Illuminates the Future of Rongcheng

Nov 29,2023

In Chengdu, a vibrant and creative city, a new landmark has been born - Chengdu Future Center. As a new landmark of the city, it will lead the trend of the times and become a comprehensive urban center integrating commerce, culture, technology and other functions in Chengdu and even the entire southwest region.

Chengdu Future Center is located in the core area of the city center, with convenient transportation and close connection to the main transportation hubs of the city. The project covers an area of tens of thousands of square meters. Standing on the top of the Future Center, it is no longer the common architecture and shape we usually see. You will be greeted with an amazing naked-eye 3D large screen. It can present higher contrast and refresh rate, making the details richer and the dynamic images smoother and more smooth. At the same time, it also has higher color reproduction, able to present more realistic and natural colors. In addition, its brightness distribution is more uniform, with the brightness of the whole screen consistent, without obvious bright and dark areas, improving the viewing comfort.

These new display technologies are integrated into future technology and smart life, bringing you an unprecedented visual feast. Here, you can enjoy the unique experience of naked-eye 3D large-screen, and feel the perfect integration of technology and life.

The naked-eye 3D curved giant screen created by Retop LED Display for our company's new product TESII-PRO has a total area of nearly 1,000 square meters and a resolution of up to 6120x2120. The screen corner perfectly adapts to the architectural structure and seamlessly splices; the cabinet is fully enclosed waterproof design, with strong weather resistance, and can be maintained from front/rear, meeting different installation requirements of each screen, convenient and fast, saving structural transportation/installation costs; it perfectly presents the display effect in day/night, allowing people to enjoy the pictures while feeling the vitality and charm of the city, bringing infinite imagination and creativity to Chengdu.

To ensure the lighting at the opening ceremony on time, the Retop engineering team worked overtime. On the premise of ensuring quality, we shortened the construction period in a timely manner and completed the installation and debugging work in advance. At the same time, we also arranged special personnel to conduct debugging before and after the opening ceremony and ensure stable playback during the ceremony. The considerate service of the Retop after-sales engineering team has made customers very satisfied.

The completion of Chengdu Future Center will inject new vitality and charm into the city. It will become a new business card for the city, showcasing Chengdu's style as a city of innovation. The emergence of Chengdu Future Center will lead the city to a brighter future and become a city landmark that Chengdu people are proud of. Let's look forward to the arrival of Chengdu Future Center, witness the future light of Chengdu shine together, and experience the visual feast of the future!

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