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What is the future of outdoor LED display in the 5G, Big data and digital era?

In recent years, outdoor LED displays have shown a rapid development trend with advantages such as high brightness, strong visual impact, wide viewing range, and outstanding color reproduction ability. Under the rapid "conquering cities and territories", they are scattered throughout the streets and alleys of cities. LED screens, as a highly promising outdoor media, have unique communication value that other traditional outdoor media cannot match. Currently, they have become the business card of cities in the new era and serve as a carrier to showcase urban commercial vitality and endorse the modern spirit of the city.

Technological development promotes the intelligence of LED display screens

In the context of many limitations such as the location, distance, and opening time of LED display screens, only by improving the operational efficiency of LED display screens through technical means can the development of LED display screens be further promoted.

LED multi screen linkage

Under the overall limit or even decrease in the number of outdoor LED displays in the city, the number of LED displays per unit area is bound to decrease. Developing multi screen interaction of LED displays through technological means is an objective means to crack this phenomenon. Use the overall number of LED displays in the city to compensate for the lack of unit area.

Communication sensing technology

LED display screens incorporate IoT technology to provide and obtain accurate information in real-time. The outdoor LED large screen will "connect" to the Internet of Things, utilizing communication sensing technology to achieve interaction between advertising audiences and LED large screen advertising products, instantly assisting audiences in intelligent identification, positioning, search, and purchase of brand advertising products on mobile clients.

Enhance urban image

In the new era of urban development, LED displays need to be combined with other fields to create creative and aesthetic products to join the city and enhance its image. In 2023, Zhixian Linuo installed and customized a naked eye 3D large screen for a commercial street in Shanxi, enhancing the overall image of the city and attracting countless residents to visit and check in. It can be seen that the importance of combining LED large screens with other fields of construction.

The Development of Smart City Era, Rising Demand for LED Display Screen

With the continuous development and innovation of technology, the good integration of LED display screens with various new technologies will provide LED screen enterprises with more diversified development directions. On the premise of fully utilizing the media environment and space, outdoor LED large screen advertisements can mobilize various on-site expression methods to create comprehensive and rich sensory stimuli. Combining images, sentences, three-dimensional objects, dynamic sound effects, environment, and so on, they can be cleverly integrated. At the same time, utilizing VR interactive 3D naked eye and other technologies, the interaction between large screen media and mobile internet terminals has achieved seamless connection from offline to online.

With the support of smart city policies, China's smart light poles have shown explosive growth. As one of the manifestations of smart light poles, LED light pole screens can play various forms of media content and have great commercial value. The LED light pole screen itself has the characteristics of high-definition and seamless splicing. In today's 5G era, outdoor LED light pole screens can be well integrated with the Internet to achieve more needs such as real-time playback of outdoor advertising media. Advertisers can achieve synchronous playback of multiple screens through cluster publishing, enhancing advertising efficiency.

In the era of Big data, how does the LED display power?

The era of Big data is coming, and many industries benefit from data resources. Outdoor LED display can integrate Big data resources to achieve real-time screen interaction and build an intelligent outdoor LED display network. With the advancement of technology, people's demands for visual effects have become increasingly high, and advertisers have begun to pursue more realistic and clear advertising image presentation effects. When people can see the delicate skin texture of models in outdoor skincare advertisements, the entire process of food production from production to entry in outdoor food advertisements, and the exquisite cutting process of diamonds in outdoor jewelry advertisements This will inevitably affect and stimulate them, making them excited, leading to better advertising communication effects. Higher grayscale, contrast, and a wider color gamut have become new demands for outdoor LED displays.

LED screen companies can achieve intelligent brightness control through technological innovation, taking into account the need for outdoor LED displays to provide a perfect visual experience during the day and reduce brightness at night. Fundamentally solve the problem of light pollution and promote the sustainable development of outdoor LED displays. Outdoor LED displays, as one of the important communication carriers, still radiate vitality in modern cities. According to market demands, intelligent high-definition outdoor displays that can freely control brightness will become a hot product. Therefore, enterprises need to have a forward-looking vision, keep up with the pace of the times, increase investment in research and innovation, and ensure their healthy development. Driven by technology and the realization of creativity, let's jointly look forward to the excitement brought by outdoor LED displays and create infinite possibilities.

Source: Home of LED Display

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