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What new changes will Sora bring to the LED industry?

Recently, the emergence of Sora has sparked a lot of interest among people. By entering a short text, selecting the Sora model, and filling in basic parameters, a 60 second vivid and high-quality video can be generated in just one minute. However, other models (Runway, Pika) can only generate up to 4 seconds of video, which greatly reduces the time required for video production. Moreover, the video content time is extended, which can meet the personalized needs of more users. Due to its simple operation, individuals can also independently complete it, which will bring huge changes to the LED display field, which uses video as an important content carrier.

It is understood that the Sora model is a new generation tool launched by OpenAI. Sora's strength lies in its ability to generate up to 60 seconds of coherent and smooth videos based on text descriptions, including delicate and complex scenes, vivid character expressions, and complex camera movements. More importantly, Sora has demonstrated its current best level in terms of video authenticity, length, stability, consistency, resolution, and understanding of text.

Even Musk, who has always been at odds with OpenAI, willingly acknowledges the power of Sora and praises it for creating outstanding works in the coming years with the help of AI. It is worth mentioning that on March 14th, OpenAI's Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati stated in an interview with foreign media that the company's cultural video model Sora plans to be officially released to the public later this year. The era of automatic video generation with just one command has officially begun, and people can also independently edit the video content generated by Sora. In addition, a large number of related practitioners are facing the risk of being replaced. OpenAI also plans to add audio generation functionality to Sora, further enriching the scene and emotional expression of videos. Currently, Sora's usage rights are only open to security teams, some visual artists, designers, and filmmakers.

Of course, Sora is not omnipotent either. Currently, it is unable to simulate the physical effects of complex scenes and understand certain specific causal relationships, such as the inability to accurately simulate basic physical interactions such as glass breakage, and the difficulty in representing the fine movements of human hands. Therefore, it still needs to be artificially implemented. However, this issue may be resolved in the future.

Undoubtedly, the arrival of Sora will bring tremendous changes to LED displays, such as outdoor LED displays, XR virtual shooting, metaverse scenes, etc., which will have visible changes to the naked eye!

The era of Sora has begun, giving wings to outdoor LED displays!

As is well known, outdoor LED display screens have always been an important sub field of LED display screens. Although the number of outdoor LED display screens installed in outdoor advertising has not increased significantly due to policies and other factors, the huge economic value it creates has led to stable growth in outdoor advertising revenue every year. Therefore, outdoor LED display screens have been developing well. Moreover, with the maturity of COB technology, outdoor LED advertising screens are expected to move towards higher definition in the future, with a very broad prospect.

Outdoor LED display screens can play different forms of content such as text, images, and videos, because outdoor display screens have a much larger procurement area compared to other application scenarios, providing more creative space for content service providers. At present, outdoor LED advertising screens have great appeal for playing videos, but the high cost of each frame of video hinders its development to a certain extent.

The arrival of Sora undoubtedly brings huge business opportunities to outdoor advertising, greatly reducing video production time and expected cost compression. Customers can frequently change video content according to market strategy requirements, greatly improving the frequency of outdoor LED advertising screen usage, and the economic value it brings is also enormous. We can imagine that in the future, we can see more creative and textured outdoor advertising content every day, changing the pattern of long production time and high cost of video content leading to unchanging playback content. This greatly increases the added value of LED display screen manufacturers!

Is the era of Sora beginning to have advantages and disadvantages for XR virtual studios?

In addition, there is also an XR virtual studio that will bring some changes. At present, XR virtual studios in China have become popular from abroad to domestically, and can be seen in some internationally renowned film and television companies, live broadcast rooms, television stations, and so on. It is expected that by 2026, the XR virtual studio market will reach a scale of 6 billion yuan, making it an important incremental market in the future.

XR virtual studios are also a highly frequent subdivision of video usage. Before shooting a movie or advertisement, the staff need to play the previously designed video source on an LED display screen, and the director then fully utilizes the XR virtual space to shoot the required content.

The emergence of Sora immediately sparked a revolution in the field of video, as simple text can produce coherent video content. So, screenwriters can generate different short drama videos based on their own ideas and input text commands at home, and then combine them to create a film and television work. The director may not need it anymore, which is a very meaningful thing for the currently popular short dramas. However, for large-scale historical dramas, films with specific creative ideas may still require directors to oversee. This means that there are pros and cons, which can reduce the investment of some staff and cause some people to lose their jobs. However, for video creators, having a reliable tool can accelerate the filming speed and improve the quality of the work.

So, for the currently very popular metaverse scene, of course, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. During the video production process, users can combine XR, VR and other technologies to use Sora to construct virtual scenes more conveniently and quickly!

Reproduction to: Screen Display World

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