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LED display screens empower smart government construction

From the introduction period of the concept of "intelligence" led by the government, to the pilot exploration period of comprehensive application of information technology and accelerated urbanization, to the coordinated promotion period driven by data brain, and now to the "digital twin city" empowered by platforms and resource sharing, the upgrading of concepts, the landing of scenarios, the progress of technology, the construction of ecology, and various new driving forces have become the new engines driving urban evolution. As a digital intelligent terminal, LED display screens can greatly meet the digital requirements of smart city construction. In this context, the importance and possibility of LED display screens in the field of smart government are self-evident. As the spacing between LED display screens becomes smaller, the display becomes more delicate, and the functions become more intelligent, the application of LED display screens in digital government will inevitably become the trend.

Objective profits and huge demand in the smart government industry

Currently, the hottest economy is the digital economy, and the most active sector is the digital sector. In recent years, national and local levels have successively introduced relevant policy plans for digital government, providing institutional support for the development of the digital government market. In February 2023, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Overall Layout Plan for the Construction of Digital China", which proposed that by 2025, a basic integrated promotion pattern of horizontal connectivity, vertical connectivity, and strong coordination would be formed. The construction of Digital China has made significant progress: the value of data elements has been effectively released, the quality and efficiency of digital economy development have been greatly enhanced, and the level of digital intelligence in government affairs has significantly improved.

The construction of a digital government has become an important measure to promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity, and to meet the needs of the people for a better life. Since 2013, the global digital government market has been increasing year by year. In 2022, the global digital government market exceeded 400 billion US dollars, with a year-on-year growth rate of 6.7%. From a domestic perspective, the overall construction of digital government application scenarios is in the development stage. As of May 2023, the cumulative number of digital government application scenario construction projects in China has exceeded 45000, and the number of construction projects during the 14th Five Year Plan period has reached 28000, indicating a huge demand for digital government application scenario construction.

On the other hand, in recent years, the construction of digital government in China has experienced rapid growth under the stimulation of the demand side. In 2022, the size of China's digital government market reached 422.6 billion yuan, with an average compound annual growth rate of 11.13% from 2013 to 2022. With the continuous acceleration of China's digitalization process, the size of the digital government market will continue to grow.

The perception of urban operation situation is "visible on one screen", integrating information on key industries, economic operation, hydrology and meteorology, medical services, integrated transportation, cultural and tourism industries, etc., which has greatly driven the government and enterprises to invest and pay attention to data visualization LED screens. LED display screens are even regarded as the core standard components supporting the construction of big data visualization platforms for the operation of smart cities. They can help managers achieve a clear and intuitive understanding of the city, and are one of the important supports for the construction of smart governments. The considerable profits of the smart government and the huge market demand in China have attracted major manufacturers to compete and explore the smart government market.

LED display screens add infinite possibilities to smart government

The application of data is of great significance in the application of smart government. LED display screens have the functions of integrating, analyzing, presenting, and resource sharing a large amount of data generated by smart government construction, and are an important carrier for comprehensively improving the modernization level of urban production, management, and operation. Especially in the application scenarios of smart cities, LED displays are no longer just terminal display units, but important nodes supporting data visualization. Especially in the era of big data, it is responsible for efficiently analyzing massive amounts of data information, and then displaying the analysis results through high-definition display, so that various managers can intuitively and conveniently make decisions based on data indicators, reasonably scheduling and allocating resources.

Through the LED display screen, the overall situation can be comprehensively and comprehensively controlled in real-time, and the progress of work that governments at all levels pay attention to or deploy can be viewed in real-time. The resulting situation can be visualized, especially the key work and key assessment task indicators of the district committee and government. By using smart city LED screens to display progress, timely and even dynamic real-time grasp of relevant situations, seize the time points for problem-solving, and ensure the successful completion of various tasks, such as the completion of major economic indicators, the progress of pollution control work supervised by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the effectiveness of safety production inspections, infinite possibilities are added to the convenient work of the smart government.

Currently, driven by government business and self-improvement, the adoption rate of emerging technologies in digital government is increasing, while improving or overturning existing models in terms of experience, efficiency, compliance, and other aspects. The digital government industry widely adopts new technologies, including data governance, big data, and artificial intelligence, which are widely used in urban scenarios, while blockchain is deeply used in the government industry. LED display screens are keeping up with the times and combining with emerging technologies is becoming an important helper in the construction of smart governments.

Taking video surveillance as an example, the current management and operation of smart cities require the construction of a city level integrated application service platform for accessing video networking, introducing innovative capabilities such as AI and video analysis, to achieve intelligent early warning in advance, real-time visualization of event scenes, and evidence-based investigation after the event in urban operation management. This cannot be achieved without ultra-high definition image quality, display software and hardware supporting equipment, and fast transmission speed, and is more favored for small pitch or even micro pitch LED displays. Therefore, small pitch LED displays and Mini LED/Micro LEDs have greater room for development and are highly anticipated.

From the perspective of enterprise business in recent years, popular investment projects in smart government include information construction, network security, data sharing, data service providers, one-stop government services, intelligent platforms, etc. With the innovation of information technology and the improvement of government service system, smart government will form more flexible corresponding and processing mechanisms, and use AI and other tools to achieve higher governance efficiency. LED display screens also provide an ideal display platform for AI technology, presenting data and images realistically through their high-quality image display, and improving the efficiency of smart city government construction. In the future, LED displays will usher in more innovation and application possibilities, and we look forward to the continuous exploration and possibilities of LED enterprises.

Reprinted to: Huicong LED

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