Yeltsin Museum, Russia

Retop's MEX light strip screen was successfully lit at the Yeltsin Presidential Memorial Center in Russia, becoming the largest building light strip screen in Russia. The 2400 square meter giant LED curtain wall is magnificent, standing in front of the Yeltsin Presidential Museum. The magnificent momentum that comes upon us is reminiscent of the turbulent 1990s of the last century, the legendary life of a brave and extraordinary person who rose against the current and led the public towards new goals.

The project is located in Yekaterinburg, Russia. As a landmark building of the city, the Yeltsin Presidential Memorial Center is composed of a museum, library, archives, and children's education center. It is a multi-functional building that combines history and modernity. The project requires a combination of tradition and modernity, art and technology, light and shadow, and structure, bringing new challenges to the project.

The material is made of aluminum structure, including waterproof boxes and lamp bodies, with a weight of only 13kg per square meter to adapt to the building's bearing capacity. In addition, Yekaterinburg belongs to the north temperate zone. The climate is cold and the temperature changes greatly. In addition to the use of low-temperature devices and materials, the screen body has also undergone strict cold and hot shock tests to ensure the stability of the display screen through the sharp rise and fall of temperature.

The Yeltsin Museum project once again proves Retop's leadership position in building lighting screens worldwide, and we will continue to move forward with a spirit of excellence.

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