Retop Leads Smart Education in Northern Vocational Training

Jun 28,2024

Northern Vocational Education, established in 1993, has been dedicated to the training of automotive repair skills for thirty years, forming a unique "production, education, research, learning, training, competition" integrated vocational education ecosystem, providing technical support and human resource security for the industry talent cultivation.

Retop has joined forces with Northern Vocational Education to introduce 8K ultra-high-definition LED screens for the first time, completely subverting traditional teaching methods and bringing an unprecedented teaching experience to teachers and students. This LED screen, with its ultra-high-definition image quality, smooth dynamic display, and high interactivity, has revitalized the teaching space, marking a new era of smart education.

The project is installed at the Beijing Daxing base of Northern Vocational Education, using Retop's independently patented indoor small pitch HiPad II series to form a seamless screen. The screen, with its excellent stability, smoothness, and high refresh rate, provides teachers and students with a true and natural display effect, free from moiré patterns, ensuring the clarity and delicacy of the image.

At the same time, the Retop 8K ultra-high-definition LED screen supports a 160° ultra-wide viewing angle display, ensuring that every participant can receive a consistent high-quality image experience, regardless of their position.

In addition, all modules, power supplies, and internal electronic devices of the HiPad II series can be front-maintained from the front of the cabinet, greatly improving maintenance efficiency, reducing maintenance time and costs, and ensuring the continuity and stability of teaching activities.

In the wave of digital education, LED screens, with their efficient and intuitive characteristics, have become a powerful assistant in campus information dissemination. They can instantly update campus news, notices, and schedules, allowing teachers and students to quickly grasp the latest information. LED screens also play an important role in teaching, assisting teachers with vivid teaching by displaying videos and animations, enhancing students' learning experience. Moreover, it is also a display platform for campus cultural activities. Whether it is a meeting activity or a cultural performance, it can attract more student participation and interaction through the LED screen, thereby enriching campus life and improving the quality of cultural construction.

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