Retop Appears at the 2024 Guangzhou prolight & Sound Exhibition

May 24,2024

On May 23, 2024, the highly anticipated Guangzhou International Professional prolight+sound Exhibition opened grandly, bringing together 2136 exhibitors from around the world. This exhibition is based on the concept of "sound, light, audio-visual+", deeply exploring the development potential of system integration and various vertical markets, and bringing infinite possibilities to the industry.

Retop and Yinqiao Electronics joined hands as strategic partners to participate in the exhibition, showcasing their strong capabilities in the field of audio and video. Retop showcased its high-definition small pitch HiPad II and a series of innovative screens at the exhibition site.

As a pioneer in audio and video display technology, Retop has always been committed to providing users with cutting-edge display solutions. At the prolight+sound exhibition, Retop showcased the HiPad II indoor high-definition small pitch display screen, with its ultra-high definition resolution, ensured accurate color reproduction and delicate and clear images, winning widespread attention from on-site audiences.

In addition to the HiPad II series, we also showcased the HiPad II COB series (P0.9375) and FEX II series (P2.6). These products, with their flexible installation methods, are suitable for a variety of scenarios such as conference rooms, shopping centers, concerts, and more.

Retop's relentless pursuit of technical details ensures the excellent performance and high stability of its products. The exciting display at the Prolight+Sound exhibition not only showcases Retop's strong strength in the field of audio and video display, but also demonstrates its corporate spirit of continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence. We look forward to bringing more eye-catching innovative products in the future and contributing more to the development of the audio and video industry.

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