Retop Successfully Holds Fire Safety Exercise Activities, Building a Strong Safety Defense Line

Apr 23,2024

To enhance the fire safety awareness of all employees, Zhuhai Retop LED Display Co., Ltd. organized a fire safety evacuation drill on the afternoon of April 19th.

This event is based on practical experience. The safety committee has developed a thorough fire drill plan and prepared protective clothing, fire extinguishers, and other protective and firefighting equipment. The entire drill process was tense and orderly. With the sound of the fire alarm, all employees quickly entered an emergency state and evacuated to a safe location in an orderly manner according to the escape route.

In the practical exercise segment, the fire extinguishing practical exercise team provided fire safety knowledge training to all employees, introducing the usage steps of dry powder fire extinguishers, fire hoses, etc., so that everyone could master the skills to ensure effective response in emergency situations.

Subsequently, in the practical stage, employees actively participated and used fire extinguishers in accordance with regulations, calmly extinguishing the fire in the face of danger.

Finally, the on-site commander Zhang summarized the drill to promote prevention and improve the fire emergency plan. Safety is a prerequisite and guarantee for the high-quality development of enterprises. Retop will take this drill as an opportunity to continuously improve its ability to respond to emergencies, comprehensively investigate various safety hazards, and create a safe and stable environment to ensure the high-quality development of the company.

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