Retop Shines 2024 ISLE Shenzhen Exhibition

Mar 02,2024

The 2024 ISLE Shenzhen exhibition was lively and bustling with crowds. On this stage full of innovation and passion, Retop has become the focus of the audience with outstanding technology and immersive solutions.

Outdoor Commercial Street View Solution

Entering the booth, the first thing that catches your eye is a street view exhibition area full of modern commercial atmosphere. Looking up, a huge naked eye 3D screen hung above, and the astronauts on the screen seemed to break free from the constraints of the screen and fly out with a majestic aura. They seem to soar in space, as if about to pounce on the audience. This strong visual impact and realism leave people amazed, and they all exclaim in admiration.

Below the naked eye 3D screen, there is a carefully designed chain store showcase. On the display screens of chain stores, stunning dynamic effects are displayed through brand information videos such as fashionable clothing and exquisite accessories, attracting customers to stop and watch.

CAVE Immersive Solutions

On the right side of the commercial street view display area stands the highlight of our exhibition - CAVE Immersive Solutions. This innovative technology utilizes the Reyop FEXII series products to create a fantastic world of five screens that transcends reality. When the audience steps into this space surrounded by screens, it feels as if they are instantly transported to another dimension, experiencing the perfect integration of technology and art firsthand.

In this immersive environment, the five LED screens are seamlessly spliced to present a 360 degree panoramic view, completely enveloping the audience. These screens not only have bright colors and delicate image quality, but also can present dynamic images and sound effects, bringing viewers a comprehensive and multi sensory stunning experience. In this wonderful world, audiences can freely explore, interact, and feel the infinite possibilities brought by technology.

The FEXII series adopts a die cast aluminum cabinet design with high precision, which combines rental and fixed installation versions. Different side locks (curved locks and flat locks) can be replaced to meet the needs of multifunctional applications.

Industry media

At the bustling exhibition venue, industry media reporters were busy shuttling between various booths, and well-known industry media such as also tracked and reported on the booths displayed by Retop. They showcased the innovative achievements and technological strength of Retop in the LED display field to readers and audiences through various forms such as text, images, and videos.

At the same time, journalists from CCTV's news program team also came specifically to interview. They had in-depth discussions with company leaders, exchanged ideas on the future development of LED display technology, and stated that they will pass on the technological strength and market influence of Retop to a wider audience through the platform of CCTV.

Retop won the 2024 ISLE Excellent Product Award for its outstanding performance at the exhibition site. This is an affirmation of the R&D team of Ruituo Display, and also a witness to our continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence.

The 2024 ISLE Shenzhen Exhibition is not only a technology event, but also a journey full of surprises and discoveries. Come and join us, experience the charm of Retop firsthand, and start a new era of display technology together!

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