At the beginning of the year, Retop made a stunning appearance at ISE2024.

Feb 01,2024

On January 30th, Retop once again set sail and attended the first exhibition of ISE2024 held in Spain!

ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) is one of the most influential audio-visual technology exhibitions in the world, bringing together the industry's leading technologies and products. As a leader in the display industry, Retop will showcase our latest technologies and products at this exhibition, actively promoting the export of technologies and products to the European and global markets.

At the exhibition site, Retop's main screen HiPadII-P1.25 became the focus of the whole exhibition. This screen not only has a striking size, but also has 4K ultra-high resolution display quality, color reproduction, and clarity that reach the industry's top level. All of this is thanks to Retop's continuous innovation and breakthroughs in display technology.

The left side of the main screen uses innovative curved screen splicing technology, presenting a naked-eye 3D effect and bringing stereoscopic and lifelike visual experiences to the audience. This technology breaks through the limitations of traditional display technologies, immersing the audience in a realistic visual feast.

In addition, above the front desk is the rental LEXII-P3.9 hanging screen, which dynamically displays content, adding a touch of dynamics and vitality to the entire booth.

The front desk area features TESII PRO-P10 outdoor displays and SP-P10 stadium screens. They all have excellent weather resistance and stability, ensuring clear and realistic images are presented under various lighting conditions. Whether it's for outdoor billboards or sports venues, they can all be perfectly satisfied.

For this exhibition, we also specially set up small spacing comparison walls. A fine pitch comparison wall was set up for various small pitch display products, providing an intuitive platform for viewers to compare different products' picture quality, clarity, and visual effects. This not only helps customers more intuitively understand product differences, but also highlights our technological strength.

As the first exhibition of 2024, Retop carefully prepared to showcase high-performance innovative technologies and diversified product lines to global customers and industry chain partners, actively positioning industry-leading products and cutting-edge technologies.

The ship has raised its sails and is waiting for you to come and navigate! Don't hesitate anymore, come to booth 6E130 and join us on this visual journey!

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