Unleash the Power of Retop's Sports LED Displays

Jun 07,2024

At Retop, we are passionate about revolutionizing sports experiences with our high-quality sports LED displays. As a leading brand, we bring innovation, reliability, and excitement to stadiums and arenas. Our stadium perimeter LED displays boast cutting-edge technology that ensures exceptional image quality and versatility. With high-resolution panels and vibrant color reproduction, our displays bring every detail of the game to life, creating an immersive experience for both fans in the stands and athletes on the field. From close-ups of the action to slow-motion replays, our LED displays capture and showcase the intensity and beauty of the sport in stunning clarity.

UEFA Standard Design for Optimal Performance

Retop's sports LED displays meet the UEFA standard design, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with international sporting regulations. Our LED displays feature power supply current sharing backup and independent air-to-air switching power, guaranteeing a stable and reliable viewing experience for both athletes and spectators alike.

Soft Mask Design for Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount in sporting events, and Retop's LED displays prioritize athlete protection. Our sports LED displays are equipped with a soft mask design and top anti-collision beam, effectively safeguarding the lives of athletes. With Retop's LED displays, you can enjoy the excitement of sports while ensuring the well-being of the participants.

Mobile Bracket Design for Versatile Applications

Retop's sports LED displays feature a mobile bracket design, allowing for versatile applications in stadiums and arenas. The SP series bottom bracket comes with interchangeable swivel bases on both sides, accommodating different installation requirements. Whether it's a perimeter display or a center-hung scoreboard, our LED displays provide flexibility and adaptability to suit your specific needs.


Retop's sports LED displays are designed to unleash the power of sports events. With a UEFA standard design, soft mask for athlete protection, and mobile bracket for versatile applications, our LED displays bring excitement, safety, and flexibility to stadiums and arenas. Trust Retop to take your sporting events to new heights with our innovative sports LED displays.

Beyond enhancing the fan experience, our stadium perimeter LED displays also provide a platform for athletes to shine. With the ability to showcase player profiles, highlight reels, and real-time statistics, our displays create a stage for athletes to be celebrated and recognized. They add an extra layer of excitement and engagement, elevating the performance of athletes and fostering a deeper connection between the players and the fans.

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