15th Anniversary of Hong Kong Reunification parade

Hu Jintao arrived in Hong Kong on behalf of the CPC Central Committee ad theCentral military Commission to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong'sreturn as well as to deliver greetings to the Hong Kong garrison.
Retop's Deputy General Manager, Shi Yaonan, and Director Hu Lieyong wereinvited to participate in the military parade.
On the parade ground, the high-spirited Garrison arranged into 15 units.receiving President Hu's inspection.
Glaring at the back of the troops was the large LED display designedmanufactured, and installed by Retop. The outdoor 10mm pixel pitch LEDdisplay measures 275.56m2 (22.08m W x 12.48m H). Another indoor 7.62mmpixel pitch LED display at the office building measures 132.88m2. The project was on a tight schedule from the start. Retop's engineers had the span of 10days to assemble the steel support frame, install the LED display panels, andfinish all the wiring and other adjustments in less than 10 days. In addition, allthe components had to withstand the unpredictable tropical weather in HongKong. At the end the finished product had to satisfy the strict inspection fromthe military officers.
When dazzling images were showing on the LED screen, the project receivedimmediate approval from the officials. Retop had once again proven thecompany's expertise in LED display technology and integrated systemsolutions by successfully completing this challenging project.

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