Zhuhai Chimelong

The giant LED display screen on the exterior wall of Zhuhai Chimelong Theater covers a total area of 833.13 square meters. Adopting the Retop OS series P16 outdoor surface mount full color display screen. The three main screens of the Chimelong Theatre, measuring 21.76 x 9.6 meters, are designed with curved surfaces, providing a greater angle of impact on the audience's perspective. The addition of 12 bar display screens to the exterior creates a rich and layered arrangement, which amplifies the visual design space and extends the creativity of the display screen. In addition, the LED display screen uses world-class chips and a lightweight aluminum box structure to create a protection level of IP65 in front of the screen and IP54 behind the screen. Combined with the independent image control system of Retop Display, it provides users with a comprehensive integrated solution.

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