IFD Kapital Building

Not every company is able to offer references of 9 years time-testedprojects. Numerous classic projects from Retop still operate properly morethan 6 years after installation. One example is the huge 240 m2 displayinstalled for the IFD Kapital Group Building, Moscow, Russia, which hasbeen in 24/7 operation for 8 years as an outdoor commercial display.
This display is 8.96m(W)x26.7m(H), and is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions in Moscow. lt delivers the best performance in crowded,outdoor settings where clearly visible and engaging content is the key tocapture visitors' attention. With the 9 years time-tested installation, Retop isproud to prove the reliability and high quality of its products.This display is designed for IFD Kapital Group, a leading financial firmheadquartered in Moscow, Russia.

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