Retop's integrated advertising industry LED display solutions include LED displays and self-developed LED control systems.
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Case Studies
Explore Retop LED Display’s various cases and led screen solutions, showcasing our advanced products sold to various countries. Our versatile LED screen solutions, including outdoor LED display panels and indoor led panel displays, are perfect for various applications such as LED screen for stage show and digital sign board outdoor. From led wall panels for home cinema, indoor led signs for business and conference led display stands to digital sign board outdoor and even curved 3D led panel for stage, Retop offers cutting-edge technology. Our products shine in various places with 3D video for LED screens and led screen for stage show. Trust Retop for all your LED display needs, whether it's for an led screen exhibition stand, business, or home use.
Tennis Opening Ceremony, Zurich, Switzerland
Light and flexible- these adjectives were the objectives presented to Retop by the Hallenstadion Zurich. The display boards needed to be very light so thatthe roof would not be additionally burdened, while the installation process had to be flexible as the arena continued to operate throughout the installation
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02 World Hamburg
Anshutz Entertainment Group (AEG) is the world's leading operator ofstadiums and event halls. In cooperation with our business partnerPanasonic, Retop was commissioned to install an information and advertisingLED banner for AEG in 02 World Hamburg, Germany. This project posed aparticular challenge due to the curving upper terrace onto which the bannerwas to be attached to.
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2012 Stankovic Cup
The basketball champions leaque match began in Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium on July 6th 2012. The Chinese men's basketball team and Tunisia, England, Russia, and Australia were competing for the championship.
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Oriental-Sports-Center, Shanghai
Retop set the standard for the Chinese sports industry with its impressive center hung system installed in the Shanghal Oriental Sports Center in Feb 2011.
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Curved Center Hung
In 2007 the American FOX channel did a special report on the display. ln2010, this project was named the “Top Chinese LED display application." The creative center hung was the first of its kind, revolutionizing arena displays.
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Staples Center
This brand new, eight-part scoreboard is able to display all the panoramicaction taking place in the stadium with 720p High Definition.
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