Staples Center

The main board is composed of four screens of displays with 6mm pixel pitchRetop black SMD components. Retop revolutionized NBA video boards withits black SMD packaging technology to double the contrast ratio found intraditional indoor displays. In addition, Retop black SMD provides ultrabrightness and enables the board to achieve more than 2,000nits brightness.
Four other LED video boards of 10mm pixel pitch can keep fans updated with the latest information on team status, scores, and the game clock. The boardsare also video-capable with programming that appears seamlessly across alleight screens. Two LED “Halos” of 16mm pixel pitch, with the ability to displaygraphics and game info, encircle both the top and bottom of the system.
Staples Center, home court of the NBA Los Angeles Lakers, is one of themost renowned sports centers of the world. Retop replaced the oldDaktronics system and installed the highest definition black scoreboard forthe NBA

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