Oriental-Sports-Center, Shanghai

Retop set the standard for the Chinese sports industry with its impressivecenter hung system installed in the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center in Feb2011. This is the first center hung designed, manufactured and installed by aChinese company and will be used in the 14th FINA World Championships.
The total size of the system is 195m2, with the top halo display showing thelatest information regarding the team and scores and the main board showinglive HD video action with features and advertisements in HD quality. Thebottom halo display delivers a 360 degree viewing angle that enables theentire audience, even those with courtside seats, to enjoy a perfect view ofthe display.
The main board is comprised of 4 faces of 6mm pixel pitch 3-in-1 SMDdisplays. With horizontal and vertical angles of 140/140, a contrast ratio of4000:1, and brightness above 2,000nits, this system delivers an unforgettableperformance to the audience.

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