What can LED display screen do to help the development of Metaverse technology?
Recently, Shenzhen and Shanghai have successively issued policies to deepen and promote the development of the Metaverse.
LED display will face more fierce price competition in 2023
In 2022, the LED display industry will operate at a low level. The loss area of upstream and midstream manufacturers has expanded, the survival pressure of small and medium-sized enterprises among downstream manufacturers has increased, and the growth of leading enterprises has declined. This series of impacts led to a significant decline in the terminal price of the industry market since 2022, and further promoted the intensification of market competition.
In 2023, the battle of LED display camp will enter a deep stage
Under the influence of the global macroeconomic situation, the harvest of the LED industry in 2022 is "not ideal", and the market situation of the whole year revolves around price reduction and income reduction. However, this does not prevent the LED display industry from further investing in technological innovation and industrial integration, and even promote the restructuring of the industry's "capacity and camp" from a certain point of view. On this basis, the LED industry will enter a new stage in 2023, especially the "camp" debate around display applications.
The application of LED screen is expected to be further expanded
A few days ago, Futuresource Consulting, a market research institution, released a news that it predicted that by 2026, the value of the front projection market would reach 4.5 billion dollars, and the driving force for this growth was mainly from the industry's shift to high brightness, high resolution and SSL (laser light source).
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