Xi`an G-Park

Retop’s most creative & unbelievable cone shapes LED display in Xi’an

Marvelous high bright LED display of size 1100㎡, which placed in Entertainment Avenue, Laochengen Gpark by RETOP. Although, our Project was challenging and impossible to fabricate compare to the other LED display companies. Retop made a perfect installation and aim to accomplish world records and become a hot topic in Commercial advertisement fields and cultural square. Retop Creative display is one of the core projections in the Jin Cai Square so far.

Creative displays in Xi’an authenticate the test comprehensive strength of LED display enterprises. Retop won this project because of rich experience and it contains not only excitement but proved the challenges in astonishing way.

The cone shaped project Comprises of 36 LED displays fixed inside the high intricate steel structures of its unique design that includes three different types of LED display which is successfully mounted by our highly skilled engineering team by Retop in Laochengen Gpark. Our Cone shaped display was designed and processed by the best software that proved Retop is always attaining top position in global.  Moreover through consistent conversation in model construction and 1000-plus panels fixed in event shapes to bring successful, amazing creative display from Retop.

The whole project was processing greatly and eminently. So far the creative display is planned to get effective in usage after the Spring Festivals in 2016. Overwhelmingly, Retop sends our best wishes to all.

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