Jilin Museum

Recently, the sharp of extension design for jilin province museum building officially delivered time within the arc, the museum hall design experience of a closed area, by sharp tinto show time tunnel design LED display is blossom extraordinary splendour. Cooperate with the environmental sound, let the audience through the time to go back to the distant history, experience is the life, appreciate the collection, read history!

Arc screen time tunnel in the sharp billiton tailored for its 1024 mm x 256 mm of non-standard cabinet and inner arc arch steel structure, the screen body is divided into five sections, 4 mm point spacing, a total area of 266m². Layer upon layer between 10 cm apart, and step by step a smaller radius. Arc also gradually change, the joining together of roughness has a great challenge to the screen! The success of this time tunnel project implementation, also once again tested the sharp billiton shows that comprehensive processing capacity of different LED display.

Jilin province museum was established in September 2003, the original museum and the museum of modern history of jilin province of jilin province on the basis of merger, is a comprehensive art museum of history. At the same time is also learning and research historical relics.

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