Strive Forward and Rise the Industrial "Smart Railway"

May 12,2023

The rise of the digital era makes everything in life develop towards intelligence, and the same is true of railways. The wide application of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence has promoted the deep integration and development of the new generation of science and technology and railway transportation. In the new era, in the face of new requirements for development, the railway is moving towards digital, intelligent, information-based, and intelligent development.

Retop LED Display has recently teamed up with Hefei University of Technology High Tech to issue a full set of information display solutions for its exhibition hall, helping the University of Technology High Tech to build a new generation of "smart railway" exhibition hall project, and improving its enterprise information management capabilities.

In order to pursue the personalized design of the exhibition hall, our engineers and customers, after comprehensive consideration, decided to build the exhibition hall in an arc style, using our VPad-P1.56 small spacing series, 32.4 ㎡ high-definition seamless splicing, 16:9 gold ratio box, and 2K/4K/8K standard resolution high-definition large screens that can be spliced point-to-point. The ultra wide 160 ° angle of view can meet the viewing needs of visitors on both sides and behind, creating a comfortable viewing experience.

The characteristics of high brush and high contrast can accurately restore the color of the picture, making the picture seen by the naked eye more natural and smooth. VPad series is designed for maintenance before magnetic suction, which saves space and is convenient for later maintenance and installation.

The large screen can be accessed to the data resources of the University of Industry and Technology. According to the needs of visitors, it can play enterprise promotional videos, or simulate all the products in the field of railway intelligent dispatching, such as the full electronic computer interlocking system, logistics management system, dispatching supervision system, video monitoring system of the University of Industry and Technology, effectively improving the enterprise's production and transportation information management capabilities.

As an early domestic enterprise engaged in the development and production of leading signal control and intelligent dispatching products in the field of industrial railways, since its establishment in 2001, the High tech Science and Technology Department of the University of Industry and Technology has been focusing on and deeply engaged in product research and development in this field. At present, it is a high-tech enterprise with both surface standard gauge and underground narrow gauge signal control and intelligent dispatching products in China.

With the accelerated development of digital informatization, the share of large screen in the exhibition hall and other visual markets has become more and more important! In the future, Retop LED Display will also closely cooperate with the high-tech industry of the University of Industry and Technology, deeply cooperate in the fields of intelligent dispatching products such as dispatching systems and video monitoring systems, and open the new rules of "smart railway" transportation!

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