Employee style | Dancing youth

May 05,2023

Following the successful opening of the Winter Olympics in China, fitness for all has become an important part of the construction of a "healthy China" in China. The charm of sports is also affecting more and more people to go to the stadium, setting off another fitness boom.

In order to further promote the development of the national fitness cause, strengthen the cohesion of Retop, enrich the spare time life of Retop people, increase the work vitality of Retop, and further reflect the Retop cultural heritage of "struggle, principle, tolerance, consensus, sharing", it is decided to hold a badminton activity once a week to jointly experience the competitive sports spirit in the competition.

On the court, the young partners fought bravely and cooperated tacitly, emitting the charming charm of badminton. Wonderful scenes continued to appear on the court, and the score rose as you came and went. The spirit of fighting for each ball showed the youth of Retop.

A series of professional actions, such as catching, rubbing, releasing, blocking, chopping and smashing, outline beautiful arcs, and the process is full of highlights!!!

The weekly badminton activity has also built a platform for interaction, communication and cooperation for Retop people after work. It has trained the "enterprising spirit" on the court, strengthened the physique, and improved the sense of identity and belonging among the family!

What are you hesitating about at this moment? Join our badminton team~

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