Make use of Retop's interactive and creative LED displays to heighten customer engagement and brand recognition.
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Case Studies
Explore Retop LED Display’s various cases and led screen solutions, showcasing our advanced products sold to various countries. Our versatile LED screen solutions, including outdoor LED display panels and indoor led panel displays, are perfect for various applications such as LED screen for stage show and digital sign board outdoor. From led wall panels for home cinema, indoor led signs for business and conference led display stands to digital sign board outdoor and even curved 3D led panel for stage, Retop offers cutting-edge technology. Our products shine in various places with 3D video for LED screens and led screen for stage show. Trust Retop for all your LED display needs, whether it's for an led screen exhibition stand, business, or home use.
Xi'an Jinhui Global Plaza
Jinhui Global Plaza, with a huge size of 1 million square meters, subverts the traditional values of urban complexes. It combines skyscrapers, international business centers, 5A corporate office headquarters, SHOPPINGMALL/themed style blocks, BLOCK themed sports parks, and CEO apartments to form a multi-functional and efficient business system through interactive integration of urban commercial and business functions
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Indonesian Cathedral
Retop has completed the installation and debugging of a P4 indoor full color LED display screen, which is 24 meters long, 5.28 meters high, and a total area of 127 square meters, at a church in Indonesia. It is reported that this church is the most high-end church in Indonesia.
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Chengdu Shuangliu Airport
The Chengdu Airport LED display screen is a combination of Ruituo's 2012 main high-end product "P6 LED display cabinet". It is composed of two 168.44 square meter LED display screens spliced together, with a total area of 336.88 square meters.
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Xi'an Qinhuang Grand Theater
The project adopts the Retop Display FEX stage rental series F3 product, which covers an area of 390 square meters and adopts a distributed movable control system. The perfect combination of LED display technology and holographic imaging technology creates an amazing and grand feast.
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Sanya's Eternal Love
The project is designed and manufactured by retop, with an LED indoor full color display screen installed in the Central Theater of the Sanya Qiangu Scenic Area, with a total area of 345.6 square meters. As the background of the stage panoramic painting, it creates a dreamy and realistic stage effect for the entire large-scale song and dance performance.
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Retop P4 high-definition full-color LED display is perfectly located in the Venetian Theater, known as the top Seoul Arts Center, with an area of 56.84 ㎡, and a total of five displays, which are respectively installed at the entrance of the Venetian Theater, on the propaganda wall of the theater, and on the columns of the lobby of the conference center.
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