Retop provides a commercial LED solution. It offers a comprehensive package that includes high-quality LED displays with excellent brightness and color accuracy, suitable for various commercial settings such as shopping malls, office buildings, and hotels. The solution also incorporates advanced control systems to manage and optimize the display content easily.

Moreover, Retop ensures reliable performance and durability of the LED displays, along with professional installation and maintenance services to meet the specific needs of commercial clients. With Retop's commercial LED solution, businesses can create engaging visual experiences to attract customers and enhance their brand image.

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HiPad II - COB
Retop's HiPad II - COB Intelligent Commercial LED Screens is ideal for professional media environments. This thin (35mm) and light (5.5kg) indoor led video wall is easy to transport and install, make sure quick installation in different settings such as the stage. It supports HDR10 and HDR10+ for lifelike visuals and high definition color, and it's 16:9 golden ratio and 160° wide viewing angle offer superior aesthetics and pixel-perfect imagery, become the best led screens for virtual production and led screen for stage. The double backup design ensures stable operation, while cold screen technology keeps temperatures low. As top LED display board manufacturers, Retop HiPad II - COB Series provides perfect solutions for conference LED displays, led screen studio, led tv studio screen and broadcast video walls.
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HiPad II
Retop's HiPad II Intelligent Commercial LED Screen is a top choice for conference LED screens and media use. As leading LED display board manufacturers, Retop offers an ultra-thin (28mm) and lightweight (4.7kg) design for easy installation. Supporting HDR10 and HDR10+ for lifelike visuals, it delivers high definition color with superior contrast and resolution that suitable for the stage and other scenes requiring high visual effects. Moreover, front access for maintenance and a double backup design ensure reliability and uptime. The 16:9 golden ratio enhances visual appeal, making it perfect for indoor LED video walls, broadcast video walls, virtual production, LED TV studio screens, and LED screen filming. Ideal for any direct view LED application.
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