Retop Holds the Dragon Boat Festival with You
In the hot summer, in order to let you feel our love and blessing in this traditional festival, Retop parents have carefully selected and prepared a series of hardbound gifts for the Dragon Boat Festival to join hands with you to spend this traditional festival full of traditional culture and warm feelings!
Strive Forward and Rise the Industrial "Smart Railway"
The rise of the digital era makes everything in life develop towards intelligence, and the same is true of railways. The wide application of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence has promoted the deep integration and development of the new generation of science and technology and railway transportation. In the new era, in the face of new requirements for development, the railway is moving towards digital, intelligent, information-based, and intelligent development.
Employee style | Dancing youth
Following the successful opening of the Winter Olympics in China, fitness for all has become an important part of the construction of a "healthy China" in China. The charm of sports is also affecting more and more people to go to the stadium, setting off another fitness boom.
Retop | When talent reserve and training plan are in progress
According to the talent reserve and training plan of Retop LED Display in 2022, and in combination with the resources of Zhuhai University Graduate Employment and Entrepreneurship Alliance, we participated in the campus graduate recruitment fair of Zhuhai College of Beijing University of Technology on May 25, which opened the curtain for the selection of fresh graduates of Retop LED Display.
Tentacles extending from the Metaverse.
On April 6, Huangpu District of Guangzhou Cityofficially released the "Measures of Guangzhou Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone to Promote Metaverse Innovation and Development" (hereinafter referred to as "Metaverse 10"). This policy is the first Metaverse special support policy in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, focusing on digital twins, human-computer interaction, AR/VR/MR (virtual reality/augmented reality/mixed reality) and other fields, and will promote Metaverse-related technologies , management, the industrialization and large-scale application of business models, and cultivate new industrial formats and new models. "Metaverse 10" points out that financial and policy support will be provided to leading software and hardware or platform-based companies that provide Metaverse-related technical services in various aspects such as industrial development, social governance, and people's livelihood services. There are reports that the Metaverse will lead the wave of technological