“CHINA DREAM,POWER ROAD” RETOP POWERS FOR THE 2018 AIR SHOW IN ZHUHAI.CHINA Because of the high-profile, large-scale and long-term performances of China Airshow, it is severely challenged in many aspects such as security and transportation. The Zhuhai Public Security Command Center is temporarily transferred to the Air Show Center. Retop also brings a number of LED displays to assist the public security system command, as well as 24-hour on-site maintenance by several engineers, to escorts the public security transportation system at this time.
11-15 2018
Retop display helps Zhuhai WTA Elite Trophy With over 100 stadiums around the world, Retop has provided LED display integrated solutions for many world-famous stadiums. With outstanding advantages in the field of sports, Retop has set many "No.1" records, and has become the recognized LED solutions business in the sports world.
11-14 2018
SHENZHEN Retop LED Display Co., Ltd. obtains accreditation of National Quality Inspection Stable Qualified Products and National Quality Reliable Products SHENZHEN Retop LED Display Co., Ltd., a typical enterprise which stands for quality and honesty, is a good demonstration leadership in these aspects of higher management level, quality improvement, quality duty, quality safety, quality honesty, quality level, quality development, quality innovation. And in order to implement the policy of building a qualified strong country,it is afforded two honorary certificates, “National Quality Inspection Stable Qualified Products” and “National Quality Reliable Products”, in 2018 when China Quality Inspection Association investigate, examine and verify, and summarize all information from 2015 to 2018, and 34 national sectors finally confirm.
11-13 2018
Waiting for You in Amsterdam We will take part in the ISE Show in Amsterdam on 6-9 February 2018, we sincerely await you!
11-08 2017
ONCE AND AGAIN, RETOP's Participation with WTA TOUR RETOP's Participation with WTA TOUR
11-08 2017
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