China 1st customized Center Hung cubic display for 14th FINA World Championships Competing against numerous LED display companies, Retop won the bid to design and install the Center Hung Cubic display for the 14th FINA World Championships in Oriental Sports Stadium. This is the first Center- Hung designed, manufacture
04-14 2011
Retop Wows Customers With Its 3D LED Display Whether pursuing a display for playing games, compelling advertisements and promotions, or for architectural design, the Retop 3D LED display brings magic to customers.  Retop launched its 3D LED display with renowned video software processing
04-14 2011
Retop Portable Display Solutions with Flexible, Hand-Stackable Sections Kicks Off Fajr International Film Festival The Fajr International Film Festival, the most important event held every year on the anniversary of the Iranian revolution, was unveiled by a Retop Portable Display. Taking advantage of the specialized display solutions is a smart way to inform, e
04-14 2011
Exclusively Designed Advanced Louver with Smart Shaders Creates a Brilliant Effect in Uzbekistan Retop launches the highest quality outdoor advertising display in Uzbekistan with its installation at the Tashkent first shopping mall. Since the climate in Tashkent, Uzbekistan is mostly mid latitude desert, with long, high temperatur
04-14 2011
Retop lanuched a fascia display in the world's leading stadium-O2 World Hamburg/AEG Ideally for presenting advertisements, match statistics and stadium information on indoor arena, the fascia display is 267m (W) *0.8m (H) with wide review angles. Key advances in wall-mounted with front access is to bring great conveniences to inst
03-10 2011
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