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Russia Yeltsin Memorial Center


RETOP’S Mex LED strip display made the major booming strip display in Russia. A foremost memorial centre dedicated to Boris Yeltsin that has inaugurated in the first Russian president’s native city of Ekaterinburg. The Russia’s first ever large format Strip LED displays from Retop creation astonished the atmosphere where the huge three-storied modernist building holds thousands of exhibits, including even a city trolleybus. In this installation, we can see reliability which is extremely important invention of Retop led display will show the history of Russia’s founder and a strong nation’s veracity in technology recognition are highly concerned by the global.This Magnificent project of historic significance work at yeltsin memorial center assembled with the different steel structures established by a high level of planning and attention to each LED strip were customized based on their existence. The target time is very limited to this project and it’s for just 30 days, including the fixing of steel structures with aluminium board in front of massive three-storied building. We had numerous other trades work in on site which undergoes dynamic operational conditions and meant the team had to constantly adapt to their changing environment.  We don’t believe any other led companies could have delivered such a complex on-site installation. Over millions of people reported that they have visited the Russia yeltsin memorial center recently. The media eyes are the most visible displays in Russia with daily exposure to huge numbers of tourist and public every day.

Retop had a tremendous response in all over the world for its inventiveness. The Product covers area of about 2400 square meters with the specially designed aluminium that weight could be of about 13kg/sqm case made of excellent fitting enough to satisfy the load of the building. The product waterproof properties are good, light weight, easy installation gives very long lifetime for the displays. It has the ability to install on site, under the most challenging project excites every Retop’s staff member fabrication.

Retop outfitted the best adjustable connecting plates, which help the multiple structures to bind together. The diameter of the LED lamp is premeditated as a perfect fitting into the holes and all LED lamp were fixed in well based on luminous theory and viewing habit has transformed this project from a shared vision to an exciting reality, filled with colorful picture which is illuminated in a gorgeous bright color with high-definition of display effect. Therefore, it generates extraordinary natural view to have such a strikingly distinctive design were technologically advanced in nature which perfectly fits the facade of confident because of 18 years of experience and over 10, 000 success cases and goes on.Yekaterinburg is situated towards North Temperate Zone in Russia, most of the year it has snows and temperature remains less than zero degree. LED panel were assembled as a complex piece of electronics that need to be protected well in any temperatures. For this reason, we have designed stainless steel bolts, which are rust free and can endure long time in heat and cold climates than normal bolts. In order, to match the color of the round-holed board, all components are made of aluminium and undergone oxidation treatment. Our LED signs are built using our exclusive Protector sealed cases that keep their delicates inside and guard from extreme weather condition. These Protector cases are made up of cryogenic materials and are specially designed to access through door system that allows them operated in an easy manner. The brightness of Mex LED strip display screen can be also adjusted according to the ambient brightness method. This function not only helps cutting down power cost but also avoiding the pollution. We also do the thermal shock test to make sure if the display runs steadily. Besides, Every LED strip is watered in 5 minutes to achieve IP67 requirement. Even all control boxes are required to be in IP66.

In this summer, Retop has made the magnificent record in historical place, Russia. At every time again and again that Retop plays a leading role in LED strip display all over the countries. Retop offers innovative solutions with a unique design and always satisfied the customer’s need with the fastest and most excellent services in all successful installation, even after sales. Retop is proud to develop custom design LED solutions to meet each and every customer’s need while also providing top-tier customer’s support throughout the entire experience that made us to attained the harmony and trustworthiness of our clients reputation in domestic and overseas. Retop assures to step forward with encouragement and confidence all the time and feels grateful for your support and attention.


Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin(Бори?с Никола?евич Е?льцин),was one of the best politician in 21st century and the first President of the Russian Federation. He has a strong influence on both the development and the world .A major memorial centre dedicated to Boris Yeltsin has opened in the first Russian president’s native city of Ekaterinburg. The huge three-storied modernist building holds tens of thousands of exhibits, including even a city trolleybus.“ The centre has been conceived as a reflection of the whole epoch in our country’s history, the epoch of radical changes that were extremely important, complex and of course controversial.” Putin was quoted as saying by Izvestia daily.


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