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UHD display-Slovenian National TV Studio


Newly, Retop has unique customized the largest UHD display of fine pixel pitch for Slovenian national television studio in Europe.

We adopted the latest Hipad UHD display of fine pixel pitch series H1.9, with the screen vast size of 80 square meters in this project, the clients have great expectation on the real effect of the display, especially have high demanding requirements on the colourity, gray scale and the taken effect.

Retop has taken part in numerous times of rivalries with many internationally renowned led manufacturers by virtue of 19 years' professional experience in project implementation and the concept of beyond our customers' expectation, finally we proved top products in the competition,well recognized by the client from all aspects.

From the very beginning of this project,retop has supplied the clients with detailed integral solution, including LED screen design, broadcasting control system,installing structure,low voltage power solution, transportation, field installation,adjusting, acceptance of delivery,very long life span, after sale service. With the one stop service, it embodies the retopers' core service principle of makes our customers 100% satisfaction with our true heart in genuine.

The whole process which begins from the client placed the order to the project been accomplished and accepted with very smooth environments. "good, very good, perfect" is the evaluation we most widely received in the implementation of this project.

Against the above technical difficulties, retop has offered the extraordinary solution which breaks though the barriers of the LED display industries.

1. We adopted high intensity and high precision die casting aluminum cabinet and exclusive structure of the double layer design. it is adjustable between the front and rear layer, which is very convenient to adjust the roughness of the screen surface. It reduces the cost, meanwhile guarantees the high intensity and high strength of the structure, which solves the difficulty in flatness and seamless rectangular spicing.

2. We adopted the exclusive solution IC with low brightness and high gray scale of broadcast level, which solves the traditional difficulty of video shooting and high-speed stroboscopic ghosting.

3. we used the advanced video processor,can deal with the special effect and edit video of various video types,the single way supports 1080p, the whole screen supports 8k video. what's more, it handles singals of different formats without any harm, which guarantees the sharpness, vividity of colour, softness of the vision, good reductibility of the color, which integrated the technology and art gorgeously.

4. We used the low pass filter technology, which removes colored moire, escaped the expensive optical processing moire solution.

This is the first time we applied such a huge led display in national TV studio project. It is an unprecedented opportunity and challenge for both of our clients and us,after numerous modeling and simulation calculations, we finally presented an available solution which perfectly shows the authority and recognition of a national TV studio. It took only 45 days from the client put forward their requirements to the project been accomplished and accepted, finally we got the high evaluation of " this is the perfect integration of technology and art, a splendid super vision feast" after the clients sent their professional review team to check and accept this project. So we handed in a satisfactory answer sheet in the end.

Retop is always creating various masterpieces one after another inadvertently, and is immersed in numerous tough accomplishments one by one, creating legends time and time again. Retop always brings you different surprises in each and every new projects.


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