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Now at this moment, exactly this second, we dropped into deeply joy and excitement of this staggering work and always can’t calm down after another two splendid projects: NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE in USA & YELSTIN MEMORIAL CENTER in Russia. We assure that you would never see this amazing led display before, it was nominated the world’s most creative and challenging led display project covering the entire world.

The huge 2000㎡ crystal cone shape led display located at Jingcai square in Laochenggen Gpark, Xi’an. It was integrated with the highest technology of AV displays and lighting techniques, which brings us a sharp visual shock by its crystal texture, and rocking sound effect that combined with the supersize stage. It was specially serves in all kinds of business concerts, festivals, release meeting of fashion brands, urban romantic date and so on. It brings you into an artistic and imaginative space under this fantastic 3D world.

It’s deserved for the praise of the world’s most creative and challenging led display project. We marveled at creator’s bold design, also the practicality once we got the sketching and the designer’s expect: “I want to create the most dazzling crystal in the world’’. It seems that an impossible job made after lots of industry experts passionate discussion. Most of them think that it is completely ridiculous but it came out in optimist creative display.

Likewise, RETOP also has hot debate about it but with a firm faith. They pushed them to seek any feasible solution by multiple mechanic calculations and 3D modeling. We submitted the solution to the designer that amazed him. RETOP carefully explained each detail, any possible difficulties and so on to him. Finally, he said: let’s create the legend together. It is amazingly tacit with RETOP mission: let the genius design concept brighten up.There are quite more challenges with this marvelous project whatever from steel structure, control system, also installation on site etc. You can imagine that 36pcs cones, 400pcs sides, up to 1,200 different kinds of modules, assembling seamlessly and displaying excellently, including the wall bearing problem. RETOP did that along with its years of rich experience on creative led display.

The beauty of this crystal clear body always running out from the inside out and becoming more sparkle under the shining sunlight. Meanwhile, there was always a hard and fine story behind each miracle and success that deserved too many RETOP staffs innovative hard work with the excitement & proud where proves out they are the classic builder of this absolutely stunning project.

Furthermore, by utilizing the international professional video multimedia server, you can edit any special effects as you wish with kinds of video type, to realize the perfect bond of light display effects. The Gpark official ever said that: this is a creation of soul combined with light & art that can make Gpark to stand higher.

Also, it is RETOP’s another glorious milestone in creative led display and we successfully overcome one after another impossible challenges at this peerless classic and that’s just RETOP retains an unbeatable legend.

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