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In Victoria Harbour HK,annywhere here you can always find Retop screen's footprint even in the skyline, around 155m off the ground.As far as your eyes can touch at the top of this bank building of communications,you will amazed for its high transparency as the objects behind it can be seen such clearly and that also great for releasing the strong sea wind impact. Ultra-brightness, vivid image and dynamic video are always Retop outdoor products' features and advantages so that once it runs in work then catching up audiences' eyes at the gorgeous night scene in Victoria Harbour.Multiple usage which displayed as a billboard at the daytime and LED screen at the nighttime.The great challenges Retop customized design team faced are strong sea wind, salt spray corrosion.Moreover,this project has to deal with the hot and humid climate weather challenge.The strip LED display employed unique hollow design with 50% transparent,and extremely weather proof material, so as to outstand between lots of branding in the Victoria Harbour.


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