Retop LED Display won the top ten brands of the year in LED industry again


Recently, the 2022 annual grand event "Top Ten Brands" held by Digital Audio and Video Engineering Network for more than three months ended successfully.

Retop LED Display focuses on the field of LED display. With a number of differentiated products and personalized and customized solutions, it won the double champion and won the top ten brands of LED display and LED application engineering in 2022.

As an important audio and video professional forum in the industry, Digital Audio and Video Engineering Network has wide popularity and authority in the industry. There are 39 awards in this selection activity, and hundreds of enterprises participated in the evaluation. The best brand in the industry was selected after the comprehensive evaluation of many indicators such as the product R&D strength, market share and user satisfaction of the shortlisted enterprises by authoritative experts. The fact that Retop LED Display has become a winner this time is undoubtedly an affirmation of the industry's strength in the field of LED large screen display in 2022.

Founded in 1997, Retop LED Display Co., Ltd. developed from the initial production of LED modules and devices to the research and development of LED full-color display in 2000, and entered into LED lighting in 2009. Retop focuses on serving a series of specialized markets - advertising and brands, stadiums and gymnasiums, large-scale activities and entertainment, LED lighting and decoration, and provides LED application product solutions in different forms. After 25 years of efforts, the products displayed by Retop are widely used in domestic and overseas markets.

Today, Retop's LED products are widely used in dozens of countries around the world, constantly emerging in international famous events and occasions, capturing and focusing the imagination of millions of viewers. With continuous technological innovation and the improvement of manufacturing system, Retop has established many classic cases in the international market that have been proven over time, and has become one of the representatives of the international LED application products "Created in China" and "Made in China".

In 2022, Retop LED Display will upgrade Liangzihu Ecological Civilization Museum to create a large screen with an area of about 1000㎡, and present the grand atmosphere of the exhibition hall with 360 degree circular screen, large time corridor, and holographic large screen.


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