The leading global LED brand,RETOP tailored a unique digital signage solution in Paraguay


The product chosen for this good application-Retop’s OS10-is a stable and flexible product designed for outdoor solution, which is one of the most successful outdoor LED products in the company’s portfolio. Nearly 250000 sqm of the OS SERIES has been used in more than 120 countries and regions over the past 20 years.

With the size as 140+ square meters, the billboard was located the perfect spot to attract passersby. It was built by two horizon screens and a curved shape screen, including three sizes 7.04x5.12m,15.88x5.12m and 4.8x5.12m.

“To meet the requirements of high definition and high brightness, we also increased the brightness to 7000nits from the standard 6000nits with no increase in power consumption”, added Robin.

As a place where passerby and drivers will spend times waiting for the traffic light, it acts not only as a cross road also like an advertising information platform for the passerby, filling the "empty" waiting time with diversified contents.

With this giant LED screens of excellent visual performance, it offers a visual shock to the passersby and better experience of the journey. Likewise, advertisers can propagate better information about brands and products, creating higher return on investments in their advertisements.


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