ABC NEWS chose RETOP for Broadcasting the Daily News


The leading independent broadcast technology systems specialist, Techtel partnered with Retop provided the latest generation of the LED display technology for ABC NEWS Studio in Australia, delivering high definition digital content to audience every day.

ABC NEWS finalized with Retop‘s narrow pixel pitch P1.9mm and P1.5mm panels to build the backdrop in their TV studio. With a number of features including superior display effect of broadcast level, high gray scale at low brightness, the RETOP narrow pitches product delivers excellent visual performance with high visual impact. No ghosting with discharge circuit inside and with high refresh rate of 3840HZ, the video wall is able to create smooth transitions and deliver extremely natural motions.

The benefits of this range extend beyond the visual performance by offering flexible configuration, easy installation and maintenance and stand-by support. All these advantages secured the smooth live broadcast for the events.


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