Retop LED Display won the top ten brands of the year in LED industry again Retop LED Display focuses on the field of LED display. With a number of differentiated products and personalized and customized solutions, it won the double champion and won the top ten brands of LED display and LED application engineering in 2022.
12-22 2022
Digital tourism | Retop creates Ezhou's first ecological business card Recently, the Liangzi Lake Ecological Civilization Museum, the first research and exhibition center featuring lake protection, water ecological restoration, and water biodiversity protection in Central China, has officially opened.
09-02 2022
Strive Forward and Rise the Industrial "Smart Railway" The rise of the digital era makes everything in life develop towards intelligence, and the same is true of railways. The wide application of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence has
06-07 2022
Employee style | Dancing youth Following the successful opening of the Winter Olympics in China, fitness for all has become an important part of the construction of a "healthy China" in China.
06-02 2022
Retop | When talent reserve and training plan are in progress According to the talent reserve and training plan of Retop LED Display in 2022, and in combination with the resources of Zhuhai University Graduate Employment and Entrepreneurship Alliance
05-26 2022
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