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Talen Energy Stadium


Interpretation of classic - Retop perimeter led display at Talen Energy Stadium

RETOP’s displays always play both practical and informative role in sporting events. Along with the long and friendly cooperation with Panasonic, we completed another new led display’s installation excellently at Talen Energy Stadium as Retop did before, which located at Chester, Pennsylvania, USA. This 20mm pixel pitch perimeter led display, covered with 134㎡, around the whole court providing instant message to all the audiences by backup system to assure display going smoothly and far away from any faults. All the cabinets applying EMC design to make the product have good Electromagnetic compatibility including Ground design, Shielding and lad design, Circuit board design and Filter design.

Others, what we are much more proud of is that the main screen and the ribbon one installed at 2 sides, which were built in 2012, still running there in great condition. This is the best interpretation and most powerful proof of Retop products by such a long practice. That’s also why we are selected by Panasonic finally, and to be profession and seek breakthrough is always Retop’s persistence, so we can success in sporting field and installing thousands of famous projects in many stadiums.

We will continue making more efforts to make RETOP heard in the LED display company in top head line and present an advanced method to the outside world in an innovative way to bright future. The refresh rate between the processor and the screen body is made of super high quality shielded wire, high-performance control IC, can design high refresh rate screen in order to ensure that when the full digital display in low dissipation, resistance to electromagnetic interference , All exposed cabling (incl. data cabling) are impact protected. Heavy, high flex rubber cabling for outdoor use.

RETOP LED Pitch Perimeter Boards design for more brightness, We are assure Perimeter Boards outdoor full color LED display is normal when using color fidelity, image is clear, and can ensure that the LED display attenuation under the condition of more Enough brightness and video images of bright color. At the same time, we are always ready to help our customers gain a comprehensive, timely and accurate understanding of the products installations with our best committed services. RETOP LED displays has been upgraded successfully for every new project in all installations; it combines our marketing survey along with our client’s actual demands and needs, which features more the value to our client’s satisfaction.


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