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At this paradise of gambling house Macao, you can also experience the French romantic by Parisian Macao, which is the jewel in the Sands China’s crown, bringing the magic & wonder of the famed “city of light” to Macao. Be full of kinds of entertainment and fatastic landscape, visitors can also taste its fine and smooth through our UHD 1.5mm pixel pitch screen which made by RETOP, that will show you another magic and lively Macao here.

Different with the traditional installing cabinet, this 1.5mm UHD led display was accurately fixed on a high-precision aluminum board which can greatly promote for heat dissipation, to show you a seamless and perfect running performance. Of course on the another hand, the cost can be greatly cut down. While the most featured of this display is that, you can fully enjoy yourself by its omnibearing 360 degrees viewing with high contrast ratio and refresh rate which can offer you another authentic recreation, especially the two sides ingenious arc design layed beside.


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