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Surrounded by numerous historical architectures, Yancheng is a city with a history of more than 2000 years. For a second time, RETOP has been greeted by the city and chosen as a partner of Yancheng UIC Group to work on an open-air stage project in the outdoor square of Yantian. The project offers a subtle blend of traditional charm with modern amenities and fashion, which is a perfect way to show the culture of Yancheng as a Salt City.

After we won the tender, facing a series of problems such as large stage structure span and tight project timetable etc, engineers of our company have not retreated but faced the difficulties head on. Through repeated study, they came up with a reasonable design solution to go with the layout characteristics of Yantian outdoor square. Outdoor panel P10 with bright light bead lamp would be used as main screen and M20 light bar color screen as side screen on stage. The total area of screens is as large as 300㎡, composed of a 150㎡ main screen and 150㎡ side screen of two color curtain screens.

Animated promotional films can be displayed on the main screen, which creates magnificent visual effects with the interplay of both gorgeous color side screens. In direct sunlight, the screens can automatically adjust their brightness to present perfect rendering effect. When night falls, the display screen performance is so authentic and exquisite that it would wow audience and make them feel as if they were personally on the scene.

In addition, the screens have many other advantages, such as good color reproduction, wide viewing angle, good heat dissipation and high ingress protection level etc. For example, during the construction process of the project, the screens have withstood two severe storms as “baptism” in Yancheng. The high IP level has won us extra good impression and reputation. The perfect completion of the project marks a step closer to the established vision of RETOP!


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