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Foshan Unipark, as one of the key business property by CHINA OVERSEAS PROPERTY, intergrated kinds of business consumption activities in one including shopping, dining, entertainment, recreation, education, culture and so on. Just at this heart place in Foshan, RETOP finished a 480㎡ strip led display here that transparency up to 70%. This layed RETOP’s another stronger road map in the field of commercial led display.

RETOP adopted the world-renowed led chip NICHIA as the core electronic component for this 480㎡significant program to go for the variable weather and longer usage life. Its 15.625mm landscape and 31.25mm vertical pixel pitch allocated on strip, not only showed us much more clear with a transparent body, but also offered an environment-friendly need for natural lighting without any unreasonable shelter which transparency ability up to 70% and avail for efficiently heat dissipation. Just with these special needs and design that decided its lightweight and transparent features so that it is super fit for fixing outside the glass. What’s more, the smart body is flexible to assemble to this elegant micro radian without any splicing problems, and its back structure is much simple and nice for good-looking.

Alonging with the fulfillment of more transparent strip led display, RETOP always stands in a leading situation and never shrink back. Also the products are optimized better and better by these one after another practical cases just as this project , is equally breathtaking shining at the gate of FOSHAN UNIPARK.


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