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Busiest Motorway A3 In Germany


Retop Dual Panels placed in the busiest motorway A3, Germany

    The Retop and S[quadrat] is a forever-good creator of fine led display in Commercial field. Our most modern LED screen placed near Linkenbach in the busiest motorway A3 between Cologne and Frankfurt that attract millions of people passing through the way.

    P25 EMC led screen which covers area 172.8*2=345.6Sq, 2PCS screens and its display size of 18,000(W) x 9,600(H) mm with front and back view in one cabinets, the case is made by aluminum and Nicha led chip for high resolution that always keep records break, since over 18 years. Therefore, we pledge to establish continuously and to develop our products and improve to fulfil today’s requirements for excellence, energy-efficient and eco-friendly in lighting solutions. We set high standards of performance and ethical behaviours. Our core of honesty, integrity and respect of people uphold our reputation.


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