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It is another great step for RETOP transparent MEX series product but the difference is much more HD than before with pitch 50mm only. Standing at the roof of this heart of prime business hub---Far East Finance Centre, which height up to 176.09 meters, the extremely challenge is not only the strong wind but also Hongkong's adverse weather including humidity, slat-spray, corrosion, dust, etc. To solve those problems, RETOP MEX series is always your brilliant choice.

RETOP adopted the enclosed design for the whole control box and special conformal coating for both strips and leds, to prevent screen far away from these damages. Of course its great transparent and hollow design greatly down the upper wind resistance and efficiently dissipate the heat. On the other hand, that means its lightweight body which can greatly reduce the load of the architecture. RETOP also did a much professional design for its back structure design as the steadiness of triangle to assure the application safety and improve its robust impact resistant. That is actually a simplified framework but non-simple idea. And the most special and convenient is that it can be flexibly maintained through its unique track, that also invisiblely beautified the building.


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