Big deal | Retop participates and edit the group standard of administrative hall


Recently, Electronic Government Association of Guangdong Province approved the official release of the " Construction specification for information display system of administrative service center" (T/EGAG 002-2020) according to the "Guangdong E-Government Association Group Standard Management Measures" and related regulations on group standard construction.

The group standard is led by the ISLE organizer, Shenzhen Retop LED Display Technology Co., Ltd. [ETi 002005], Shenzhen Unilumin Technology Co., Ltd. [300232], Guangzhou MAXHUB Information Technology Co., Ltd [CVTE 002841], Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. [300389], Shanghai DANACOID Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies jointly drafted and formulated the " Construction specification for information display system of administrative service center ".

The group standard stipulates the construction specifications of the information display system of the government service hall, including the requirements of the layout of the hall information display space, deployment of display carriers, system construction, safety and management, and other information display. It is suitable to the planning and design, construction and deployment, transformation and upgrading, operation and maintenance of information display system of administration service center. 

The relevant person from Retop Display said, ”we will guide and help relevant channel operators to actively adopt the above group standards, to continuously strengthen self-discipline awareness and problem rectification. Then, the group standards will effectively promote the healthy development of the LED industry, better protect customers’ legal rights and interests, and maintain fair market order.”

Group standards refer to standards that are independently formulated and published by social groups in accordance with their own established procedures and adopted by society voluntarily. It is stricter than national and industry standards and it meets the needs of the market and innovation.


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