Why LED display is an essential choice for enterprises


Compared with online advertising, digital signage is obviously more attractive. As an effective tool, including retail, hotel, healthcare, technology, education, sports or corporate environment, all can use digital signage to communicate with users effectively. There is no doubt that digital signage has become the preferred marketing tool for businesses.

LED display screens can help companies feel their presence in a highly competitive business environment. Digital signage attracts attention with eye-catching fonts, text, animations, and full-motion video. Digital signage in public places can be presented to more people than Internet video. These low-maintenance screens are the perfect solution for product marketing. Therefore, if you want a marketing method that is cheaper than TV ads but can attract more people, then digital signage is the answer.

90% of the information processed by our brain is visual information. More than 60% of people use digital displays to learn more about products.

Research shows that 40% of customers believe that indoor LED displays will affect their purchasing decisions. LED display screen can attract consumers to increase consumption. As many as 80% of customers admit that they decided to enter the store precisely because the digital signage outside the store caught their attention.

Even more surprising is that people can even remember what they saw on the digital signage a month ago. Research shows that the memory rate of digital signage is 83%.

So let ’s sort out why digital signage is so important to businesses

1.Attract attention

Digital signage can attract more people to watch than traditional banners, and even long-distance audiences will be attracted. These displays help create brand awareness and create a positive image of the brand.

2.Provide a competitive advantage

It is very important to maintain a public view, otherwise it will be easily forgotten. In the marketing field, companies need to continue to stay in the public eye, and digital signage helps to easily achieve this goal.

3.Rich selections

As an enterprise, you can choose the setting that suits you best. The settings can be simple, basic or complex and diverse. Enterprises can choose multiple screens to display the same or different content, which provides enterprises with a wealth of choices.


With the help of digital display, the information attracted a large audience at an affordable price. The advertisement on the digital display screen is 80% cheaper than the TV advertisement, but it is very effective for promoting business development in a short time. Even small businesses can use digital displays for brand promotion.

5. Maintenance at low cost

Digital displays do not require expensive maintenance. They can withstand harsh weather conditions. Digital signage does not require regular maintenance like traditional banners.


Interactive digital displays allow customers to access information according to their preferences. Consumers can get the information they need in real time.

7. Environmental protection

Digital displays are environmentally friendly, consume less power, and use digital screens to reduce paper waste. For example, restaurants change menus according to the season, and waste a lot of paper on the menu every year. The digital screen can easily solve this problem.

8.Different perspectives

Using different viewing angles of the digital display, the viewer can read it from any angle. Due to the different viewing angles of the digital display, drivers and pedestrians can view messages on the digital signage without any problems.

9.Multicolor animations, graphics and text

To make the signage stand out, please add different fonts, colored text, graphics and animations. LED displays can be used to provide real-time information and share market statistics and news.

10.Video and editing

Short videos and editing not only make digital signage stand out, but also help companies create their own space in the market.

In conclusion,indoor and outdoor LED display is an important tool to help brand recognition and business promotion. In today's digital world, whether it is a small or large enterprise, it is important to focus on digital displays.


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