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HiPad is a solution product developed by ETi-Retop for the Commercial market. It has significant advantages such as 5G cloud control, broadcast level, true color, fool installation, and application stability. Products are used in domestic and international studios, conferences and business fields, education, high-end hotels, automotive 4S shops and other fields. It’s Widely favored by the market.

Ultra lighter & Thinner

The HiPad series has a thickness of 45mm and weighs only 7kg. It is ultra-thin & light and narrow frame, perfect for seamless stitching. It’s available in 110-inch, 137.5-inch, and 165-inch standard sizes. And it is also creativelydesigned and compatible with non-standard sizes.

5G Cloud Control

The HiPad series supports most mobile devices on the market, realizes multi-screen interconnection, compatible expansion, and integrates with the latest technology (cloud intelligent control, AR/VR, holographic 3D, naked eye 3D, gesture recognition, face recognition, touch control, mobile End control). It is compatible with IOS/Android systems to improve control efficiency.

Real Color & Adjustable brightness uniformity

Self-illuminating display, excellent color reproduction, uniform brightness of the whole screen, and can be corrected point by point after long-term use. The brightness of the product is adjustable for indoor, semi-outdoor, outdoor and other environments. The brightness is adjustable from 100 to 1600 Cd/m2. The unique technology used by HiPad is more vivid in the same gray level and refresh rate, and the color saturation is over 97%.

Simple Installation

Different installation methods are applied in different application places. When the screen needs to be fixed on the wall, it can be installed by wall hanging, when the screen needs to stand at the entrance of the mall or the bank, the base can be installed in a three-dimensional manner, which is convenient for transportation and carrying. The HiPad series is easier to be compatible with the surrounding environment and reducing overall coordination costs.


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