Retop hold the Annual Safty Production Month Activities 2019


      Issued by the Group Security Committee” ETI WSC Word” about “2019 Safty Security Month” activites, and in response to the national campaign of “Production Safety Month” in 2019, Retop led display BU make a program of activity which theme as” Red Line of life- we will take full responsibility for risk prevention and control”, to supervise, guide and cooperate with all departments and workshops to carry out“Safety Production Month”activity.

    The activities of “Production Safety Month” aim to strengthen the management awareness and responsibility awareness of production safety, and establish the consciousness of all staff participation, put the protection of life safety as the Paramount position, improve the safety skills of employees through diversified training, effectively prevent and resolutely curb the occurrence of accidents, and promote the development of production safety of the company.

    General manager Jia XiaoLiang is in charge of this activity. Start by JiPing, Zhang Quan ,Du Baotian, Zhang Jiapeng, the bidding was fast, Tan Hua, Qiu Lili,Zhang YongJun, Huang Weihong, Zhen HaoJie, He Dandan, Ruan Donghao, Ouyang Yuehui, Guo Jing Weihua, Yang Guifeng, HuangShuai, Zhang Yulin, Yang guiqiang, Haung Weihong, Fan Jisheng, Song Denghou,Lv Hongyu,Xie xiuming,Liang liwen, Tang Jinlan, Niuzheng, Yang Junling and others as a security team leader of the department. Activity coordination was organized by Wang Shouwen.

General Manager Jia XiaoLiang make an important speech on the “Production Safety Month”:

      All employees of Retop should have a sense of importance, three levels of safety awareness: from the team to the workshop, and then to the leadership of the whole company, layers of requirements, each level down. The shift leader, including the person in charge of the workshop, shouldn’t take this work as a form, but take it as something that should be done every day, just like the point inspection of equipment every day, do it literally, draw a check mark every day, so as to prevent the failure. If the accident really happened, the pain hurts you. I hope that we should pay enough attention to this area and not have the idea of form. We should consolidate the good experience and practices formed in the activities and turn them into long-term mechanisms, We should continue to carry out regular and unremitting theoretical learning. Leaders at all levels should base themselves on reality and strive for practical results.

     The whole“Safety Production Month” activities are carried out in the order of publicity, training, inspection, emergency drill and competition.

Publicity: From June 1st to June 7th,Fan Jisheng  was responsible for the promotion of the whole month activity of the 200,000 square meters factory in Zhuhai. The Publicity was completed through the organization of onsite answer activities, paste propaganda posters, hand-painted safety knowledge posters, answer consultation group of Wechat and other publicity methods to build the atmosphere of the early activities.

      Inspection:After a series of training, everyone has the correct knowledge of safety. The surprising  safety inspection through every Corner of Zhuhai plant. All responsible areas were taken photos to record the hidden danger of accidents. The rectification measures were put to the person  who take the responsibility of the project. For the problems found in the inspection, rectification follows, and no safety hidden danger is left absolutely. All the rectifications were taken photos to public for everyone to learn.

      Inspection Team:Wang Shouwen、Liangliwen、Tang Jinlan、Xie Xiuming、 Lv Hongming、Song Denghou、Niu Zheng、Fan Jisheng.

      Emergency drill and competition: Emergency plan site, equipment and evacuation route preparation, only through drill can we master the smooth escape and elimination of dangerous situations in the crisis at the initial stage.


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