Korean-China Culture Exchange Activities


At 17:30 PM,July11, the south Korean folk culture exchange activity sponsored by Korea culture center and undertaken by Retop display management department was launched in Retop display Zhongzhu south road park. This activity not only enriched the foreign cultural experience of the factory staff, but also played a good role in promoting the cultural exchange between the two countries and activating the cultural atmosphere of the factory.

In order to facilitate this activity, Retop volunteers and Korean friends arranged the site, prepared props and arranged personnel in advance in the activity. During the activity, Korean friends brought rich entertainment programs, interesting entertainments games, delicious traditional food, professional medical services, and the majority of employees fell the various forms of “love” in life through experiential Korean cultural projects.

In recent years,Retop has been vigorously expanding the South Korean market and promoting cultural exchange and learning between China and South Korea while cooperating with south Korean enterprises frequently. Thanks to the joint efforts of various parties, the event was successfully concluded. Representatives of the two sides said that more opportunities will be created to promote the cultural exchanges between Chinese and Korean enterprises and promote the joint development and mutually beneficial cooperation between Chinese and Korean enterprise.


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