Retop Won“China Top Ten Led Electronic Display Brands ”Award


In December 2018, LED display users and industry experts from all over the country voted for the "Top 10 Chinese electronic display brands in 2018" organized by China brand ranking website.After a final round of voting on December 18, Retop Display won the title of "Top 10 Chinese Electronic Display Brands in 2018" with 660,588 votes, and was awarded an honorary certificate by China brand ranking website.At the same time, I would like to thank all the LED display industry experts, industry media friends, Retop display channel engineering friends, Retop display tens of thousands of customer groups of friends voting.

Since its establishment 19 years ago, Retop display has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of LED displays, and has established a complete supporting industrial chain system.Based on lean manufacturing, it realizes large-scale production, provides customized services for professional customers, provides overall solutions from visual effects to system realization, and builds a strong technical support system.As a well-known brand of LED display in China, Retop display has always been customer-oriented, providing customers with convenient and high-quality products and services on the basis.

Retop Display once again won the "Top Ten Brands of electronic display in China" award, which is the affirmation of Retop display products and services from more than 20,000 project users and industry experts around the world. The award is an affirmation of the Retop display brand, and it’s also the assurance of the product and service quality that Retop give to new and old customers.


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