Retop LED Display invite you to 2019 INFOCOMM Orlando- Audio-Visual Display Technology and System Integration Exhibition


INFOCOMM audiovisual display technology and equipment exhibition is a top professional audiovisual integrated equipment and technology exhibition in North America, which will be held in Orlando, USA from June 12 to 14, 2019. Organized by the American international information exchange trade association, the exhibition will be held alternately in Orlando and Las Vegas. It is a grand event for the audio-visual technology industry in North America after the NAB Exhibition.

This exhibition gathers audio-visual technologies and solutions applied in education and training, transportation, security, medical care, entertainment, construction, enterprises and government departments. The exhibits cover a wide range of areas and are determined to present a high-end professional exhibition for the industry. As the technology matures, how to make better use of existing technology resources and provide novel solutions has become the focus of the industry.

The last exhibition successfully attracted 36,000 professional visitors from more than 80 countries and 850 exhibitors from 29 countries and regions, covering a total exhibition area of 42,500 square meters. IT brings together system integrators, designers, professional consultants, sales agents, distributors and other professionals in the audio-visual industry, such as architects, engineers, builders, IT professionals, audio-visual equipment managers, interior designers, as well as professionals from various industries.

This INFOCOMM show in the US will introduce Hipad P1.266 display screen, which is a fist product with small spacing.

Retop Hipad+ Fine pixel pitch+5G cloud control +broadcasting standard+4K true color+ Dummy installation

Hipad is the product Retop launched for the development of the market show business solution products in 2017.Once the product was launched, it was strongly pursued by the market engineering providers and the terminal application market for its remarkable advantages such as 5G cloud control, broadcast level, true color, fool installation and application stability. Since the launch of the product in 2017, after two years of market cultivation, the product has presented numerous classic cases of projects in domestic and foreign studio field, conference business show field, education field, high-end chain stores and other fields.

Hipad products are standard and customized, the standard model has three standard models of 110 inches, 137.5 inches and 165 inches, which can be installed after simple training by customers, greatly facilitating the application of various engineering companies and terminal customers. Customized type can be customized according to the requirements of the size of multi-directional change installation.

Hipad 5G Cloud Control support most mobile devices on the market, achieve multi-screen interconnection, compatible extension, and perfect integration with the latest technology (cloud intelligent control, AR/VR, holographic 3D,naked eye3D, gesture recognition, face recognition, touch control, mobile terminal control).Compatible with IOS/Android system to improve control efficiency. Here we emphasize that the experience is as convenient as a TV, which is an indispensable good product in the conference display system.

Hipad 4K true color. We all know that there is a four-color black and a three-color blend black in a print color, both theoretically black, but printable results are very different. Hipad adopts the unique technology of Retop Display, and the colors presented by it are more pure and gorgeous at the same gray level and refresh frequency, and the color saturation reaches more than 97%.

In this exhibition, Retop will display some other star products on the same stage, there are Fex series, Lex series, Jex series, more exciting welcome to our booth.

INFOCOMM Orlando Audio-visual Display Technology and System Integration exhibition

Welcome you to visit our booth1061#

PlaceOrange county convention center in Orlando

Time12-14th, June 2019


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