Retop has been awarded “National Demonstration Enterprise for the honesty of product & service” and “National Quality & Credity Leading Enterprise”


Recently, National quality supervisor organization and quality professional association, which under the supervision of the general administration of market supervision -----Chinese quality inspection association has carried out a theme of “Quality first, adhere the quality of integrity; improve the quality and build the quality powerful country” activity of “3.15”.In this activity, Retop has secondly won the Certificates of “National Demonstration Enterprise for the honesty of product& service” and ” National quality & credit leading enterprise”. The certificate is evaluated according to the quality inspection and investigation during 2018/03/15 to 2019/03/15.The selected enterprises did not have product quality problems during the whole year and had a good reputation among the consumer groups. It is reported that, after the strict examination and screening by professional judges, Retop show by virtue of high quality product quality and integrity of service commitment, once again won the above two honorary titles.

China quality inspection association aims to guide enterprises to actively issue self-statements on product and service quality standards, urging enterprises to fulfill their commitment to product and service quality integrity, actively advocate improving supply quality, lead enterprises to comprehensively improve product and service quality, promote social co-governance of quality, and promote China's development into the era of quality.

To ensure product and service quality intergrity is not only the key to safe production and assured consumption, but also an important guarantee for the development of enterprises. It is also the inevitable commitment of enterprises undertaking social responsibilities to consumers and society, and an effective practice to improve the quality of supply.

As the LED display industry” National product and service quality integrity demonstration enterprise” and “national quality credit advanced enterprise”. Retop hold the product quality and service as important as life for more than 20 years, closely around ”management is the foundation of the survival with quality” to ensure customer satisfaction, science and technology innovation as the source of development, casting Retop brand, improve the product quality and new product R&D ability, we have improved our service quality, fulfilled our commitment to quality, and built a good image of being responsible to the society and consumers. On the basis of promoting total quality management, established strict product quality standards and perfect internal quality control and management system, from the ideological guidance, enhance, deepen the quality awareness of all staff, from the action to practice, implement, improve quality control.


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